Play Therapy

Dealing with mental health issues is a challenge for people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. However, it can be particularly difficult for children who are dealing with complex emotional issues or experiences. For this reason, we at Perth Psychology Collective are passionate about providing highly effective, evidence-based therapy that can help children overcome past trauma and manage their emotions in a healthy way.

Using play therapy, our registered psychologists communicate with your child in a way that makes sense for them. Unlike adults, most children do not have the communicative abilities needed to vocalise their thoughts, fears and other difficult emotions. By giving them the opportunity to use the act of play to express themselves, we aim to improve each child’s wellbeing and instigate change in their world.

What is play therapy?

Play therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that works with the non-verbal, creative and innate skills of children in order to help them work through mental health and wellbeing issues. During play therapy, children have the opportunity to either literally or metaphorically express their real-life experiences and emotions, allowing for greater understanding of how to help and support them.

Play therapy is most commonly used to help children between the ages of 3-12, however, in some circumstances, it can be beneficial for individuals who are older or younger than this. The suitability of play therapy depends on the individual concerns and experiences of the child, and in many cases, a parent may be asked to consult with the child psychologist before sessions begin to determine the best approach.

What are some benefits of play therapy?

Play therapy has been proven to help with many difficulties that commonly affect children.

This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Adjusting to major life or family changes.
  • Making friends.
  • Managing anger, sadness, worry, shyness and fear.
  • Identity issues from foster or adoption experiences.
  • Dealing with grief and loss.
  • Overcoming separation anxiety.
  • Managing sleeping and eating difficulties.

Research has shown that play therapy is also very effective when it comes to helping children who have experienced anxiety, domestic violence, depression and PTSD.

Our team of experienced Play Therapists

Here at Perth Psychology Collective, we are committed to helping people of all ages overcome mental health barriers and find true wellbeing in their lives. Our team is made up of highly experienced and registered child psychologists who specialise in play therapy as a means to help children work through difficult experiences and emotions.

With a focus on providing compassionate care, we work to make each child feel safe and heard during their sessions, ensuring that they become comfortable enough to open up and express how they’re feeling. Through evidence-based techniques, we aim to provide lasting, effective therapy that allows each client – child or otherwise – to live their best lives.

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