Giving Back

How we give back to the community

Big Pram Walk

Since 2015, Perth Psychology Collective (formerly known as Life Resolutions Morley) has been an active participant in the Big Pram Walk, founded by our colleagues at Baby Steps Health Centre.

In 2017, our Director (Kirstin Bouse) was honoured to take the role of Ambassador for the Big Pram Walk. As Author of, The Conscious Mother, 5% of the book sales were given to the newly established Gidget Foundation.

Community Education

Kirstin Bouse also presents at numerous community events in the hope that the ‘everyday person’ becomes better educated, and more able to manage, their own mental health.

Tracky Dack Day

As we continue to work towards our goal of giving back, we have decided to participate in ..... drum roll please ......

Tracky Dack Day 

Yep, on Tuesday and Wednesday 28th and 29th August, we will be wear our tracky dacks to work. Funny ... it wasn't that hard to get the team to agree. Go figure?!

Yup. If you're coming for a session, we're gonna be looking pretty cas.

An what is this for you ask???

Well, it's to raise money for TLC for Kids. 

$5 from EVERY session we provide on that day will be going to this super cause. Check it out.

And if you are coming on either of those days and would like to donate a little more, then we'll have the donation tin on our reception desk so you can do that.




Extra Support for our Clients

Perth Psychology Collective are committed to providing our clients with as much support as is possible in a private practice setting. We are equally committed to supporting and shaping the development of the next generation of psychologists.

To this end, we offer those clients who need more regular therapy than they can perhaps afford, the opportunity to engage in additional supportive counselling sessions with our Interns.

While their sessions with their fully qualified practitioner attract a fee, these additional sessions are completely free of charge. Not only does this help our clients through some particularly tricky times, it also provides our 5th and 6th year Masters and Doctoral Interns with the opportunity to further develop their skills.