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Ines Pandzic Independent Consultant Clinical Psychologist


I’m a Clinical Psychology Registrar specializing in adult and couples therapy. With a passion for fostering mental well-being and enriching relationships, I offer a safe and empathetic space for individuals and couples seeking support and growth.

In individual therapy, I focus on empowering adults to navigate life’s challenges. I work with clients who are struggling with a range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, perfectionism, stress and burnout, life transitions, and relationship issues. Through a collaborative and client-centred approach, I work to create a safe space where individuals can explore their thoughts and emotions, develop coping skills, and build resilience.

Navigating the complexities of relationships requires understanding, communication, and mutual growth. In couples counselling, I specialize in facilitating open dialogue, addressing conflict resolution, and enhancing intimacy. Whether you’re facing specific issues (ex., communication, disillusionment, parenting conflicts, separation, sexual incompatibility, relational triggers) or seeking to strengthen the foundation of your relationship, I provide a supportive environment for couples to better connect and gain new insight.

I draw from a range of therapy styles, including schema therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy, tailoring each session to meet my client’s unique needs and goals. I aim to equip clients with practical tools to overcome challenges and build a foundation for long-term well-being.

If you’re an individual seeking personal development or a couple desiring stronger bonds, I invite you to reach out. Your journey toward emotional and relational health begins here.

Ines runs her own independent practice and engages Perth Psychology Collective to provide administrative and other business services to enable her to provide TELEHEALTH assessment and treatment to her clients.

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