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Who are Perth Psychology Collective?

It’s pretty common to be asked, ‘why do you do what you do?’ And for each of us in the collective, we have our own unique reason. But there is undoubtedly a common theme.

Put simply, we want to help people find ‘wellbeing’.

Mental health difficulties are on the rise and they don’t discriminate according to gender, age, ethnicity, education or socioeconomic status.

Everyday people like you and I can, for the most part, have it altogether. And then life throws a curveball that just sends us spinning.

Or we can just get worn down with the pressures of relationships, parenting, work, money and health issues. People are desperate for mental health - wellness - but don’t know where to begin.


The simple yet frustratingly elusive antidote to this? Connection, self-awareness and purpose.

So what do we stand for?

Well … lots of things, but these are the most important to us (and all are reflected in the psychological research);



We’re wired for connection. It nourishes us. Without it, we suffer.



Self-awareness is pivotal to overcoming challenges and fulfilling potential.



It doesn’t have to be grand but we all do need one. It benefits our mental and physical health, our relationships and our communities. It is crucial to resilience.



Self-compassion is as important as compassion for others. Both underpin a sense of security and acceptance and in short, psychological wellbeing.



Be you. All of you. In all your perfect, imperfection. Being anyone else but you is tiring and deprives you of experiencing the fullness of life and real connections with others.


Generous in Spirit

Giving to others, buckets and buckets of 'you-ness'. Your unique talents. Fabulous humour. Wisdom and thoughtfulness. Contributing to the community.

We strive to embody these values in our own lives and our work with clients.

These values don’t have to be in your ‘Top 10 Values List’ to work with us. But we do know – because they’ve told us – is that the clients who found us super helpful, were drawn to us BECAUSE of these values.

Our Services

Adult Counselling

Child Psychology

Couples Counselling

Forensic Psychology

Perimenopause Psychology

Perinatal Counselling

Trauma Counselling