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Perth’s Trusted Team of Forensic Psychologists

When it comes to matters of the Court, psychologists trained in forensic assessment and treatment often play a vital role in determining the emotional needs and wellbeing of affected people. At Perth Psychology Collective, we are committed to helping individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life access effective psychological counselling. Our team includes psychologists who work with people who are caught up in the legal system (family court, compensation matters, criminal court), ensuring that they can receive effective psychological support.

Our non-judgemental, empathetic approach to therapy seeks to make every client feel safe, understood and supported.


What is forensic psychology?

Forensic Psychology is a unique area of practice and typically refers to any psychological service (assessment and treatment) that is provided within a broader legal context. As such, clients seeking forensic psychology services are involved in either Family Court, Criminal Court, Child Protection and/or Injuries Claims, such as criminal injuries, worker’s compensation or motor vehicle accidents.

Providing a forensic psychological service is typically complex and requires an initial consultation to determine the most appropriate course of action. Once that has been determined, the nature of the work tends to be the provision of ‘reportable’ therapy, psychological assessment and Court Expert assessments.

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Put your trust in our experienced forensic psychologists

At Perth Psychology Collective, we are proud to have forensically trained psychologists as part of our highly experienced and dedicated team. With years of experience providing assessment and treatment in various legal contexts, we can help you decide which of our professionals is best for your circumstances. We’re proud to say that our team is made up of people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, so no matter what situation you’re dealing with, we are confident in our ability to help.

Our goal is always to provide exceptional, evidence-based support – whether it be in the realm of forensic psychology, counselling psychology, couples therapy or beyond.

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