Forensic Psychology

And court assessments

Forensic Psychology is a unique area of practice and typically refers to any psychological service (assessment and treatment) that is provided within a broader legal context. As such, clients seeking forensic psychology services are involved in either Family Court, Criminal Court, Child Protection and/or Injuries (Criminal Injuries, Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident) Claims.

Providing a forensic psychological service is typically complex and requires an initial consultation to determine the most appropriate course of action. Once that has been determined, the nature of the work tends to be the provision of ‘reportable’ therapy, psychological assessment and Court Expert assessments.

Injuries / Compensation

Motor vehicle
Worker’s Compensation

Child Protection

Parenting intervention
Carer support
Parenting capacity assessments

Criminal Matters

Generalist offending
Sexual offending
Domestic violence

Family Court

Single Expert Reports
Court-ordered therapy