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Hello Colleague!

I'm glad you've landed on this page as it would suggest that you're interested in coming to see me for professional supervision. And that is something that I love to offer.

I have been a Psychologist (Clinical and Forensic) for more years than I care to remember. Actually no. It's been just over 25 years and I am quite chuffed to be able to say that. I've had such a fortunate career in that I've been gifted, sought and run with, so many amazing professional opportunities. Each has played a role shaping how I see the world and how I make sense of, and work with, clients.

The story of my career begins with working with offenders but then saw me working with trauma and in the perinatal space and for the past 14 years or so, supervision. Like all of us, I have undertaken loads of professional development beyond my clinical and forensic training. The most foundational was the 4-year Gestalt psychotherapy training that I began in my final year of Masters. But EMDR, perinatal mental health, schema therapy and mental health aware and trauma-informed yoga (yep, I'm a yoga teacher) are also my go-to's. Oh and endless forensic training (offender risk, parenting capacity and family court assessments) but in which I'm now often the trainer.

All of that background is important to know so you can make a decision whether to get in touch with me. But what I think is THE most important piece to share is that I am an attachment informed, relational, person-centred therapist AND supervisor.

We can talk clinical formulation, psychological assessment and therapy modalities. And we will. But what I always want supervision to offer is the chance for you to integrate your 'human-ness' with who you are as a therapist (and/or want to be) and how you (want to) work with clients. And I most want to help you build a foundation of courage, inner knowing and trust to create clarity, ease and depth to your practice as a psychologist.

I call it being a 'human scientist practitioner'.


Psychology Supervision In Perth

At Perth Psychology Collective, we’re just as committed to helping mental health practitioners achieve their career goals as we are to helping people achieve their mental and emotional wellness goals through psychology supervision in Perth.

We have a number of psychology supervision offerings for individuals, practitioners and practice owners to choose from, which are outlined below. Please note that for forensic/legal matters, it is often beneficial for the practitioner and practice owner to be present.

Choose from the following psychology supervision offerings


1. Reflective Practice Supervision

These professional development sessions are designed to support and enhance your skills as a therapist, providing a dedicated area in which to assess any issues that may be blocking your progress or causing emotional distress. It is also an opportunity to incorporate any theoretical approaches that you favour when formulating a treatment plan, as well as finding ways to merge both the personal aspects of yourself with the professional elements in order to create a more effective therapeutic setting.

Furthermore, these sessions allow for great exploration and discussion around topics such as case conceptualisation, treatment planning and implementation, in order for you to gain greater insight into potential challenges and uncover effective long-term solutions.

By utilising these sessions as a form of self-reflection, you can not only gain clarity on where your strengths lie but also work through any areas which require additional attention. Ultimately, these professional development sessions provide a safe platform for growth and understanding which can help propel your career forward and enable you to become an even better therapist.

Practitioner – 1 hour
Small group (up to 5) – 2 hours


2. Case Consultation About a Specific Client (Individual or Family)

This presentation is intended to provide an in-depth exploration of the assessment, report writing and treatment of a particular individual or family who is involved in either a child protection or family court context.

Practitioner – 1 hour
Practitioner and practice owner – 1.5 hours


3. Responding to a Legal Request About a Specific Client (Individual or Family)

This particular client consultation is centred around addressing legal requirements such as a subpoena or the possibility of a court appearance, or in response to an official complaint from a specific client.

Practitioner – 1 hour
Practitioner and practice owner – 1.5 hours


4. Policy and Procedure Discussion and Review

This interactive session will help you to think about the people you work with and the potential approaches you could take when dealing with legal issues. During this time, we will examine your current policies and procedures in order to reduce any obstacles that may arise in your practice; as well as preparing you for possible legal requests or issues that may need to be addressed.

Consequently, I kindly ask for you to provide me with your current policies prior to this meeting so that I have sufficient time – approximately 30 minutes – to go through them before our discussion begins.

Solo practitioner OR group practice owner – 1.5 hours

At Perth Psychology Collective, we also offer psychology training and professional development services. For more information, please get in touch.

Perth Psychology Training

Perth Psychology Collective is passionate about helping mental health practitioners be the best they can be, offering holistic support and multifaceted care for their patients. How do we do this? By providing Perth psychologists with evidence-based training and workshops to help you expand their skill-sets and excel in their field.
Our supervision and training is designed to help you serve and sustain others, providing collaborative clinical supervision and professional development training to build your capacity as a peer in the industry.

At Perth Psychology Collective, we work closely alongside agencies, organisations, and allied/mental health professionals to help them achieve their career goals and offer more comprehensive care to those who need it.

Our primary areas of include trauma and trauma-informed care, body based therapies such as yoga therapy, mindfulness and wellbeing as well as perinatal mental health, working with couples and finally, forensic training including parenting capacity assessments, and forensic report writing. We also offer training in the area of helping private practitioners develop policies and processes that help them pre-empt and respond to legal requests.


Gain clarity and confidence, and “get in front of” legal requests in private practice; with Perth Psychology Collective’s training workshops

At Perth Psychology Collective, we understand that supporting your valued patients through their mental health challenges is just one aspect of your profession. That’s why we also provide training to help mental health practitioners understand industry risk points, and make informed decisions regarding the risk you’re prepared to carry.

It’s important to understand the clinical, ethical and legal implications of the inevitable circumstances that arise in allied and mental health care. Our training helps you understand these perspectives, so you can create and implement transparent policies, processes and practices that work for you, your team and your clients.

With our psychology training in Perth, we aim to:

  • Go some way to mitigating the risk of headaches down the track
  • Assist you in providing a robust rationale for your decision-making if you have to “answer to it”
  • Prevent you from having to rethink your response in all the detail each time the situation arises

Psychology Professional Development In Perth

Perth Psychology Collective provides personalised professional development services for agencies, organisations and allied/mental health professionals looking to expand their skillsets, progress their careers and offer better care for their valued clients. These services are in the form of bespoke training consultations and practical workshops designed to enhance your skills development within the industry.

Our team tailors our psychology professional development training to cater for your individual needs, circumstances, and skillsets. Perth Psychology Collective works closely alongside qualified psychologists, schools, government departments, non-government organisations and corporate clients to deliver presentations and workshops that are directly relevant to the systems, policies and frameworks your organisation is currently working with.

Our primary areas of specialisation include trauma and trauma-informed care, body based therapies such as yoga therapy, mindfulness and wellbeing as well as forensic training including parenting capacity assessments and forensic report writing. We also offer training in the area of helping private practitioners develop policies and processes that help them pre-empt and respond to legal requests.

Psychology professional development in Perth: Why us?

The team at Perth Psychology Collective believes in making the world a better place one person, one couple, one family and one community at a time. Our vision is to create communities of extraordinarily ordinary people who are self-aware, compassionate and growth focused. Offering personalised psychology professional development is one way we’re able to fulfil this purpose and make a real difference.

Passionate and devoted, our psychologists in Perth are committed to creating communities of extraordinary people – from equipping an individual with the tools needed for personal growth and inspiring empathy in couples, to fostering greater understanding within families and helping psychologists provide their clients with the most holistic and comprehensive care possible.

Would you like to know more about Professional Supervision?

For more information about our psychology training workshops in Perth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss our services with you.