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People often pursue therapy for help with a specific problem, such as a relationship breakdown, job stress, or social anxiety. They might obtain some coping strategies and their symptoms may ease. But for many, these strategies start to ‘fizzle out’, different problems keep arising, or there remains a sense of still having underlying issues.

Rather than alleviating symptoms as quickly as possible, I am passionate about helping people to understand the roots of their distress, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and make long-lasting changes in their lives that extend beyond symptom relief.

Perhaps you’ve noticed repeating patterns occurring in your relationships or behaviours, you’re having difficulties regulating your emotions, or you’re feeling disconnected. You might want to work through experiences of trauma, or to address long-standing issues that have not responded well to past treatments.

My focus is to create a safe space to help you process and make meaning of your past and present. I allow time to feel emotions and memories that may have been buried, to bring conscious awareness to strategies you have used to survive, to understand how and why these developed, and to adopt healthier ways of coping.

I’m a generally registered psychologist who offers long-term therapy, with an approach that draws upon principles from psychodynamic and attachment-based theories, which means I am interested in looking at how early experiences and relationships have shaped your current thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, and identity. I have a deep interest in how stress and trauma impact the nervous system, and I therefore often go beyond talk therapy, bringing the body and breath into the room.

Tian runs her own independent practice and engages Perth Psychology Collective to provide administrative and other business services to enable her to provide assessment and treatment to  her clients.

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