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Kirstin Bouse

Director and Founder

Kirstin Bouse is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years-experience in providing therapy for a variety of psychological and interpersonal difficulties. Given her career, Kirstin’s expertise lies in the very weird combination of forensic issues (offending behaviour, child protection and family court), trauma and then motherhood, parenting and perinatal mental health.
While she continues to undertake forensic work from time to time, Kirstin’s focus largely lies in developing other psychologists (within and external to her team) in their forensic assessment and intervention skills. She also offers Internships to Masters and Doctoral practitioners at the practice.

In terms of therapy and treatment, Kirstin loves working with clients facing difficulties in becoming and being new parents and the many experiences that can cause perinatal mental health issues. She is skilled in providing consultation, assessment and therapy to adults, individuals, parent-child dyads and parent-couples. Her primary interests lie in the unique experiences of motherhood and fatherhood, perinatal mental health, parenting in general and the juggle of work and parenthood. Kirstin also has extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced traumatic event/s whether from their childhood, working life (military, Police or Ambulance Officers) or injury (criminal, workplace or motor vehicle accidents).

Kirstin is warm, has a deep appreciation for life and has a genuine connection with her clients. She loves a good laugh and with much respect, uses humour in therapy. Kirstin is entirely convinced of the profound importance of the therapeutic relationship to therapeutic outcomes and strives to provide her clients with a sense of connection with themselves and with her as their therapist. This is essential for creating a safe place for self-reflection, expression, healing and long-lasting meaningful change.

Kirstin Bouse