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Director of Perth Psychology Collective

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Before I begin, I want to thank the many thousands of clients that I have had the privilege of working with over my 25 year career. Yes, the number is that high. I can never find the words to articulate just how rewarding my career has been because of you. Apart from the humbling experience of walking alongside you on what is usually a pretty tricky part of your journey, the lessons you have taught me along the way are invaluable.

You have shown me what it is to be a courageous human who can struggle and grow, move from despair to hope, fall to your knees and find strength to stand up again. You’ve given me the opportunity to ‘master’ (or at least get a little better at) my craft. And because of all this, I am now at a stage in my career where I feel I can make a positive impact on my profession.

As such, I do not work with clients anymore. Instead, my time, energy and focus, rests in supporting my colleagues. New and not so new to the profession. My practice has provided me with a platform to do this for some time and will continue to do so as I’m committed to having new graduates as members of our team.

But I’ve now upped the ante by moving entirely into the Supervision, Mentoring and Training space. You can find more information here


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