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Chad Monger Independent Consultant Clinical Psychologist Registrar


I am a Clinical Psychology Registrar and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with over 12 years’ experience working with adolescents, adults, and couples. I’ve worked across private practice, hospital, and acute mental health settings providing treatment for anxiety, depression, panic, OCD personality disorders, trauma, and psychosis. I particularly enjoy helping people through relationship and interpersonal issues (in particular couples’ work), emotional and mood difficulties, and with those seeking to develop a deeper sense of meaning and connection in their life, or a greater sense-of-self.

Perhaps you carry a sense of vulnerability, insecurity, or uncomfortableness about yourself or the world around you, or maybe about the people in your life or aspects of your past. You may feel ‘triggered’ and often feel unstable, either emotionally or mentally. You may find yourself repeating destructive pattern in your relationships, whereby you may avoid interactions or find yourself people pleasing, or experience moments of neediness, or emotional outbursts. Maybe you struggle to set personal boundaries to keep yourself safe, that would otherwise help you feel connected with others without feeling hurt or overwhelmed.

Maybe you’ve been feeling quite low or flat, possibly hopeless, and lacking motivation. Perhaps you feel tense, full of worry and racing thoughts, or panicky, feeling like something dreadful is always looming. These feelings may come with a sense of being disconnected, like you’re in a dream or fog, finding it difficult to concentrate. Or, perhaps you’ve experienced a recent event or change in your life, which has left you feeling ‘rocked’, unsettled, and confused; and despite your best efforts, you’re struggling get back to the way your life once was.

If any of these feelings and experiences are relatable to you, you’re not alone; these are common reasons why people often seek therapy from me, and it would be an honour to assist you and/or your partner, and help you work through such difficulties too! My approach to therapy is calm and grounding, respectful and non-judgmental. And my style is collaborative, insightful, and authentic. With utmost compassion and care for you and your needs/goals, I will strive to develop a therapeutic relationship where you feel safe, supported and understood, and a therapy space where you can grow and mature, moving you toward meaningful, lasting change.

Chad runs his own independent practice and engages Perth Psychology Collective to provide administrative and other business services to enable him to provide assessment and treatment to his clients.

Chad Monger

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