No family is perfect. But when it comes to dealing with difficult experiences, emotions or conflicts, it can be a great idea to seek professional help. Here at Perth Psychology Collective, we are passionate about helping families overcome their unique issues and develop healthy, harmonious relationships.

Our team of experienced professionals is made up of many family therapists who use evidence-based, collaborative techniques to help navigate any issues you may be facing with your parents, children or partner. Leading with a compassionate, non-judgemental approach, we are proud to be a trusted name throughout Perth.

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How do I know if I need family mediation?

While every family experiences conflicts from time to time, ongoing issues or traumatising events can take their toll on individual members and the family unit overall. While seeking out family counselling may seem like an ‘extreme’ measure, the truth is that it is often a major step forward in overcoming challenges and learning to develop a healthy dynamic.

A family therapist & mediator may be able to help you if:

  • There has been a breakdown in communication between family members.
  • One or more of your loved ones are withdrawing themselves from family life.
  • Members of your family are expressing feelings of distress or helplessness due to their family life.
  • Your family has experienced a traumatising event – such as a death, divorce or major life adjustment – and are struggling to cope.
  • There is violence or threats of violence amongst family members.

What to expect from our mediation & dispute resolution service?

At Perth Psychology Collective, we aim to make every member of your family feel safe, heard and respected during each session. Depending on the difficulties you are experiencing, your family therapist will listen to and understand the grievances and feelings of each member before teaching practical techniques to help manage key problems.

Some common areas explored in family counselling & mediation include:

  • Learning how to effectively communicate with one another.
  • Knowing how to identify any issues as they arise.
  • Encouraging new ways of relating to one another.
  • Understanding the emotional needs of each other.
  • Learning how to cope with setbacks and challenges in a healthy way.

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