Positive Psychology

Helping you live your best life

It is a myth that psychologists only work with people with mental health disorders. While true, psychologists also assist people who are functioning ‘well’ in their lives. Clients who access our positive psychology services, typically want to understand themselves better, improve their lives, fulfil the life’s purpose and have stronger more connected relationships with others. Don’t get me wrong … they may still self-sabotage. In fact, that is often what is holding them back … themselves. In these instances, we merge the fields of positive psychology and coaching to help them live their best lives.

These sessions are not intended for anyone with current mental health issues (see clinical and counselling psychology), so Medicare rebates do not apply. Some clients seek this support to improve their work performance or to support their development as a business owner. In these instances, the service MAY be tax deductible. You will need to check this with your accountant.