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Clinical Lead AND Clinical, Counselling or Forensic Psychologists / Registrars

We are seeking a Clinical Lead and Clinical / Counselling or Forensic Psychologist/Registrars to join our thriving private practice; Perth Psychology Collective.

Perth Psychology Collective is a private psychology practice providing assessment and intervention to children, adolescents and adults, individuals, couples and families. We facilitate community information sessions, group intervention and yoga for mental health. Our vision is to create communities of extraordinarily ordinary people who are self-aware, compassionate and growth-focused. While we provide services for a broad range of presenting issues, our niche areas include; trauma, perinatal and forensic (child protection and family court) work. We welcome diverse areas of expertise and training and as such, have always had Provisional, Generally Registered, Clinical/Counselling and Forensic Psychologists. Across the team (and beyond CBT) we are trained in EMDR, Schema, ACT, Mentalisation Based Therapy, Psychodynamic as well as body based therapies such as Somatic, Mental Health Aware and Trauma-Informed Yoga and finally Attachment frameworks/therapies.

We deal with everyday people who are facing tough issues. Our purpose is to help them find a steadiness within themselves, nourishing connections with others and a meaningful life. For this to happen, we have to have this ourselves. And while we have had our own times of feeling like it’s all too much and we know there will be more (that’s just how life is), we want our work environment to be a place of support, encouragement, compassion, and some cheekiness to boot. So, while our clients are critical to our practice, our people are too. Being a community that embraces its own evolution and the growth of the individuals in it, we provide in-house supervision and PD events (both are available but not mandatory for subcontractors to participate in) and coaching to support therapists in developing the systems that will enable them to manage their caseloads and administrative responsibilities in a way that suits them.

Being at the front end of a psychology practice is not an easy task at all and really, our Administration team are critical members of the practice. As such, we provide them with ongoing support in their roles and additional training opportunities.

We have long-term relationships with our referrers that have stood the test of the GFC, COVID and the usual movements of team members. As a result, we have plenty of diverse referrals. To be honest, we rarely see the ‘worried well’. Instead, we see complex clients and so if that is your thing, you’ll be happy. It is also why our strong team culture is so important; we’ve got each other’s backs.

Ready to join the team?

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to

What’s on Offer


Sustainable Work Hours

Let’s create the working arrangement and hours you work that support PPC’s needs AND YOURS. We can work this out together.


Professional Development

We offer professional development to our entire clinical team. As a subcontractor it is always optional to attend but you might have some serious FOMO if you don’t


Clinical Career Progression

We’ve supported countless clinicians at all stages of their careers over our 16-year history to integrate their own ‘human-ness’ with the models they prefer and to identify and master their niche so that they develop ease and confidence in their clinical practice. So whether you are a new Masters graduate or you’ve been endorsed for a good while, we are keen to have you do what you love and with the client population/presenting issue/modality you love.


Business Career Progression

If you’re toying with the idea that one day you’ll open your own practice, then let us know and we’ll teach you the (our) ropes. While we love having people in the team for the long-haul, we know that people’s needs change. What works for you now, may not work for you (personally or professionally) down the track. Let’s be upfront about this and if you have these dreams, let us know so that we can more intentionally support your training in this area. Because your degrees do NOT prepare you for business ownership.


The Care Factor

You’ll be part of an approachable, transparent, and quick to have a laugh leadership team. We appreciate and promote wellbeing in the workplace and we’re always looking for new ideas to continue to do so.



We’re the posse you want to be a part of; we value each person’s contribution, we are reflective, collaborative, inclusive and fun (if we do say so ourselves). We embrace our own humanity which means we are people first, and professionals second.


Extra Perks

We want you to grow and so if you have ideas about how to make things better, what we could add that would further support our team or our client community or want the opportunity to develop a new niche, we’ll support you to make that happen.

About You

You will value and embody the ‘human-first, professional second’ ethos at the core of Perth Psychology Services. You’ll understand the importance of not only the client journey, but also the journey each and every one of the PPC team takes.
The PPC values of – connection, self-awareness, purpose, compassion, be real and be generous in spirit – will resonate with you, as will our Vision. You will be excited about working in a practice with the vision of creating extraordinarily ordinary individuals, couples, families and communities. It will just feel like the ‘right fit’, knowing that the vision is as much about PPC’s client community as it is about the PPC team (community). And you will feel excited that your unique human-ness and your professional interests will shape PPC’s future.

Want to know more?

If you'd like more information on the Clinical Lead or Clinical/Counselling/Forensic Psychologist/ Registrar roles, you can send a request to download it.



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