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Our Psychology Clinic for Morley Residents

If you have been searching for a psychologist near Morley, Perth Psychology Collective could be what you’re looking for. We are a union of clinical and counselling psychologists in the Morley area, offering services to locals from all walks of life.

Our objective is to help you become the best version of yourself. While each of our psychologists have their own unique approach to psychology, we all abide by a singular goal: to help people define and achieve wellbeing.

Passionate and personalised, our counselling and clinical psychologists help Morley clients tackle personal issues, develop stronger relationships, heal past trauma, and more. No matter your situation, reach out to Perth Psychology Collective for guidance and support.


Our approach

Six key values underpin everything we do at Perth Psychology Collective: connection, self-awareness, purpose, compassion, realness and generosity. We assist you in your journey towards becoming your best self, building stronger families and communities in the process.

We take the prescriptiveness out of the counselling process, focusing on your life experiences and self-knowledge instead. This, paired with the professionalism and expertise of our psychologists, adds incredible value to each and every one of your sessions.

No matter your life situation or stage, Perth Psychology Collective will be able to equip you with the skills necessary to not only tackle the challenges you are currently facing, but also to be more prepared for obstacles that may arise later in life. Through the appropriate therapy and counselling pathways, you’ll be able to navigate through life’s peaks and troughs with more ease and confidence than ever before.

To find out more about the most suitable counselling approach for you, reach out to our friendly and experienced team today.

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Our counselling services for Morley locals

Because we are a collective, we are able to offer multiple modes of psychology to service our clients. This includes positive psychology and forensic psychology as well. 

We use a combination of cognitive behavioural, trauma-focused, acceptance, compassion, psychodynamic and commitment therapy to provide the best possible results to clients. For some, mindfulness techniques, schema therapy or gestalt psychotherapy might be a more appropriate solution.

Whatever the case may be, our team of professionals will be able to guide you down a tailor-made path. If you’re ready to take the first step, contact Perth Psychology Collective today.

Our Services

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