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Family breakdowns can be an incredibly trying experience, with all parties involved requiring support and guidance at some stage. An unbiased and professional psychologist from Perth Psychology Collective can act as an intermediary, helping your family reach a mutually favourable resolution and return to normalcy.

Speak to one of our custody or family court psychologists in Perth today, or get in touch to see if one of our other services may be suitable for you.

How the custody agreement psychologists at Perth Psychology Collective can help

Our experienced, multidisciplinary team are able to assist with a number of issues related to family dynamics. This includes family court reports, family dispute resolution/mediation, separation and divorce consultations, custody agreements and parenting coordination, and general therapy.

From blended families to separated ones, our psychologists work hard to reach a positive outcome for you, your family and most importantly, your child. Whether you are looking to come to an agreeable co-parenting solution or need assistance with conflict resolution, it is likely that Perth Psychology Collective will be able to help.

We are also able to offer psychological testing in child custody evaluations to assist judges and lawyers. These tests take into account development, cultural and linguistic considerations, with the child’s best interests at heart.

Aside from family court and custody arrangements, our family psychologists can also assist with:

  • Conflict within families
  • Older adult issues
  • Intergenerational conflict
  • Parenting difficulties and stresses
  • Emotional or behavioural issues among teens and young adults
  • Adjustment to becoming parents
  • Grief and loss
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Blended families

Our psychologists are also able to assist individuals facing family issues, so please don’t hesitate to visit our clinic on your own if you feel that we provide you with comfort and guidance.

About Perth Psychology Collective

As we are a collective of different psychologists, our clinic is able to offer a variety of counselling techniques. These include cognitive behavioural, trauma-focused, acceptance, compassion, psychodynamic and commitment therapies. Other services also include mindfulness, yoga, schema and gestalt psychotherapy. As opposed to taking a prescriptive approach, we focus on nourishing your sense of purpose and self-awareness, equipping you with the tools necessary to overcome life’s many challenges.

If you need support in any facet of your life, please don’t hesitate to enquire about our clinical and counselling psychologypositive psychology and forensic psychology services.

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