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Find Peace of Mind at our Psychology Clinic Near Ashfield

Perth Psychology Collective is a team of clinical psychologists near Ashfield, offering psychological services to residents in and around the Bayswater area. Our team consists of counselling and clinical psychologists with different areas of expertise and insights into the needs of the community. Together, we strive to create a healthier and happier world around us.

Our psychologists in Ashfield target a range of different concerns, from individual counselling for personal growth, relationship counselling that focuses on empathy, and family counselling that allows for healing and understanding. Our forensic, clinical and counselling psychologists near Ashfield are ready to guide you through your wellbeing journey - book an appointment today to start.


Services offered at our psychology clinic to Ashfield locals

As a collective, Perth Psychology Collective is able to meet diverse needs through various modes of psychology. We service clients from all walks of life, guiding you through any challenge or obstacle. Whether you are looking to heal from a traumatic event or are just feeling the pressures of day-to-day life, Perth Psychology Collective can assist.

Our psychologists have expertise in a range of different counselling techniques, including cognitive behavioural, trauma-focused, acceptance, compassion, psychodynamic and commitment therapy. This knowledge is further complemented by the mindfulness techniques, yoga practices, schema and gestalt psychotherapies that we promote. By nurturing your self-awareness and sense of purpose, we are able to equip you with tools that you can use to combat many of life’s challenges. This will then allow you to both appreciate life’s highlights, as well as persevere during difficult times.

Enquire about our clinical and counselling psychologypositive psychology and forensic psychology services to find a format that works best for you. 

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Our approach to therapy and counselling

Connection, purpose, compassion, self-awareness, realness and generosity underpin everything we do at Perth Psychology Collective. Our focus is on helping you connect with your best self, and therefore live your best life. We rid ourselves of some of the prescriptive aspects of psychology, working in tandem with you, your life experiences and your self-knowledge instead.

Whether you’re simply looking for professional guidance along your self-growth journey or need assistance with facing a mental health challenge, our psychologists will take a tailored approach to best help you. Pairing formal training with a genuine, human approach, you’ll be in safe hands at Perth Psychology Collective.

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