The Conscious Mother

The Program

Motherhood can be so isolating, even if you are surrounded by loving family and friends. It can also be crazily challenging! From the minute they are earth-side, our little ones (and not so little ones) have a knack for testing us in ways we’ve never imagined.

The Conscious Mother is a woman who seeks to understand how her experiences have shaped the mother she is.

Who is committed to finding the lessons in, and growing from, her moment of unravelling

Who untangles the knots generated by her toughest parenting moments to find release and liberation.

She is determined to heal old hurts so she can find new ways.

To lessen her reactivity and to break unhelpful patterns.

To not have her buttons pushed so often or so intensely.

All because …

She wants a deep connection with her children.
She wants to honour herself.
She wants to BE her best self.
As a mother.
As a woman.
As defined by her.

First and foremost, The Conscious Mother is a community of mothers who are committed to the personal journey that motherhood brings. The purpose is to support mothers as they prepare for, adjust to and are fully immersed in motherhood. So whether you are expecting your first baby, have just become a mother or have many years (and perhaps kids) under your belt, you are welcome in The Conscious Mother community.

But The Conscious Mother is also more than that.

In 2016, Kirstin Bouse (Clinical Psychologist) began The Conscious Mother Retreats.  Three days and nights of space, rest, discovery, healing, laughter, tears and most importantly, powerful growth.

These Retreats offer mothers the opportunity to dive deep into their ‘mother stuff’.

It is for mothers who are curious and want to discover the unhelpful (and helpful) stories that have shaped their motherhood experience so far.

For mothers who are bold enough to face some uncomfortable truths.

Who are prepared to develop some self-compassion and embrace their imperfections.

Who are ready to connect deeply with themselves and other mothers.

And who are ready to create change from the inside out.