The Ambitious Mother

The Program

The Ambitious Mother is the kinda woman who;

LOVES (most of the time) being a parent but believes her life's purpose is bigger than being a mother
Is called to make a BIG and LASTING impact in the lives of your family and friends and let's be honest … probably the whole bloody world!
WANTS TO kick arse in your careers and business but holds yourself back.
KNOWS deep down that you are meant to SHINE but for some reason, you just don't seem to get 'there'


Who DOESN'T want to sacrifice being the mum you want to be, in order to be the AMBITIOUS MOTHER you want to be.
CRAVES a deep connection with her kidlets that lasts a lifetime.
BELIEVES in VALUES-BASED PARENTING and wants to set the 'RULES' for yourself.
Is DEEPLY COMMITTED to raising kids who grow up to tread their own unique and fulfilling path and who become rock-solid good citizens of the world.


Who believes that she needs to UNDERSTAND the journey she's had so far, to truly KNOW and ACCEPT herself.
And knows that TRULY KNOWING and ACCEPTING herself is THE key to HER personal growth and 'success'.
Who is ready to take responsibility for her life and DISCOVER, CONFRONT, SHIFT AND GROW as an AMBITIOUS MOTHER.

If you're an Ambitious Mother and you want to step it up, then check out our Ambitious Mother's Program.

You do NOT have to sacrifice your ‘career/business baby’ for your ‘real baby’.

And you definitely don’t have to neglect your ‘real baby’ in order to have a stand-out career or build a bloody great business.

Nope. You don’t have to.

Instead you can GROW exponentially as a woman so that you can be the SUCCESSFUL Ambitious Mother you want to be.

The Ambitious Mother was established in 2017 and is a 4-month program. Merging the two parts of yourself is critical to living the life that is MOST fulfilling for you.

It begins with The Conscious Mother Retreat. Three days and nights of space, rest, discovery, healing, laughter, tears and most importantly, powerful growth all about you as a mother. From there you begin the coaching program which is focused on YOU as a career woman or a business owner.

Engaging in a therapeutic retreat ensures that the changes you experience occur deeply. They are profound, heart-felt changes and because of that, they stay with you.

You’ve discovered strengths, uncovered truths, healed past hurts and ultimately grown exponentially. This provides a NEW foundation for you to launch as the Ambitious Mother you want to be. Without it, any changes you make will be superficial and temporary.

However that does NOT mean the coaching program is unimportant!


The coaching program is the icing on the cake. It’s where the rubber meets the road. Where the action takes place.

It’s 3 months of experimenting and mastering new ways of thinking, doing and living. It where you get the practical tools to create the changes in your life that you want. In your mothering. In your career. In your business.

And then we top it off with another Retreat. More like a celebration. Of the new you. The Ambitious Mother.