Veronica Smith

Senior Psychologist

I work with real people, often tradies and FIFO workers, who are looking for someone they can talk to about their life in their language – profanities, warts and all.

I’ve been around the block a few times, seen it all, heard it all, and bought the T-shirt. As a psychologist, that means that I am practically unshockable and comfortable discussing whatever you want to bring to the table.

You may be feeling strong emotions, but have trouble identifying them or don’t have the words to describe them.  Your emotions might come out sideways and you end up doing or saying things that you regret.  Maybe you feel like you say things that are well-intentioned, but others don’t take them that way.

 Perhaps you’re having relationship difficulties. You might feel misunderstood or like you’re not being listened to. You could get frustrated and lose it at your partner.  Maybe you’re avoiding sex or having trouble with your performance because you feel unable to express yourself.

Do you often do things that you’re not proud of? Maybe you engage in indiscriminate sex, drinking to excess, or find yourself in unsafe situations. You might act recklessly, make impulsive decisions or do things that cause you or others pain. Do people sometimes say you’re high maintenance, or that they’ve had a gutful of you? Do you suspect you might be self-sabotaging?

My perspective is primarily interpersonal and psychodynamic, which in plain English means I believe that the way we manage our problems is due to the lessons we have learned in life. So yep, tell me about your mother.  We can identify these lessons, see if they are still working for you and if not, work on learning some new ones. 

I can teach you how to put words to your feelings, gain a better understanding of what they are and how to communicate them so that you can get your point across in a way that other people will listen.

While I don’t work with couples I do work with the individual who is having relationship issues.  I can help with relationship conflicts and coaching to help clients navigate their relationships.

Psychology doesn’t have to be airy-fairy or touchy-feely (but I can do that if you need).  I can help you to develop real strategies and real solutions so that you can get on with getting the most out of your life.

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