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Veronica Smith

Senior Clinician

Veronica is a Counselling Psychologist who started her career in the prison system. She has over 15 years of experience with people and is intensely passionate about helping clients to manage their issues in a way that makes life more doable. As a psychologist, she is fun, laid back and loves a good laugh. She is a real person who can help you see that your struggles are real and important, no matter what form they take. Veronica loves to make psychology “people-friendly” and presents concepts and ideas in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to life. With her many years of experience, there are few issues that she hasn’t dealt with and there is very little that she is not comfortable discussing.

She works with adults, adolescents and her specific areas of interest are suicide, self-harm, personality disorders, sexual dysfunction and trauma. Her prison experience also sees her work well with addictions, all types of offending behaviour and trauma. She loves working with tradies, FIFO workers and people who see the world a little differently. She also loves working with members of the Indigenous and Immigrant Community.

Veronica works primarily from an interpersonal and psychodynamic perspective. This means that she is a firm believer that the way we are in the world now is a function of where we come from. So yep…tell her about your mother!! No seriously, the way we manage problems is due to the lessons we have learned in life. So we identify the lessons, see if they are still working for us and if not, work upon learning some new ones!

Veronica Smith