Mary Brennan

I am a registered Provisional Psychologist with several years of experience working in mental health, across hospital, community and private practice settings. I find myself most commonly journeying with individuals (children, youth, adults, and older adults) who feel stuck either within their internal or external world/s. I am also drawn to working with people who have particularly complex relationships with themselves and/or others.

My way of being with clients is guided by developmental, attachment, mindfulness, and trauma-informed perspectives; in addition to therapeutic approaches such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Perhaps you feel that you do not want to share all of your story with someone again or that you have tried psychologists before and they do not work for you? What if I said to you that you do not need to share all of your story? If you decide to come to therapy, please know that I will see you as the expert in your life narrative and I want you to feel comfortable with sharing as much or as little as you feel will be helpful to your path forward. Trust me, we can still journey far.

I am growth-oriented and am driven to explore what this may mean to us individually or how we can live in ways which increase the space which we currently allow for growth in our life. I value ongoing learning and as such also work as a sessional academic and researcher. My research interests include environmental psychology and the application of alternative therapies (e.g., outdoor therapy) to improve wellbeing in childhood, adolescent, and adult populations. Finally, I believe strongly in the connection and dynamic interface between the clinician and the client as a powerful medium to build trust, safety, and to ignite lasting change.