Lisa Dominguez

Clinical Psychologist

I work with adults, adolescents, and children aged eight and up, including couples and families of all colours of the rainbow, who may be having trouble with relationships, parenting, trauma, depression and anxiety.  I also see individuals and their loved ones who may be struggling with issues of identity, gender and sexuality, and who need help navigating through complex life stages.

Perhaps you’re feeling out-of-sorts or not like your usual self. You may often feel distressed, angry, anxious or teary. Maybe your mind is racing, you constantly feel exhausted for no obvious reason and you’re sleeping too much, or not at all. You might be wondering how on earth you’re going to cope with a particular issue you’re having, or you might just be feeling overwhelmed by life in general.

Is your child acting out and misbehaving, and you’re at a loss how to relate to them?   Maybe you’ve had one “easy” child, but you’re struggling with your second. Maybe you’re feeling like your home life is all too hard, too exhausting, and you’re struggling with feelings of failure or guilt. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with a family member’s behaviour, and you find yourself losing your temper with them.  Do you feel like you’ve got nothing left in the tank for your partner and kids, and you worry how that will affect them?

Working with you in the medium to long term, I use a reflective and collaborative therapeutic process in order to help you explore the ways that you think, feel and respond in different situations, and how these patterns may be helping or hurting you or your relationships.

I can teach you practical strategies and techniques for reducing your own feelings of overwhelm and distress, and building your resilience and emotional flexibility. I can also help you to improve your interpersonal relationships by giving you the tools you need to better understand the behaviour of your loved ones, better manage your own responses to them and partner and parent more effectively.

Lisa Dominguez