Kerry McCabe

Clinical Psychology Registrar

I am a Clinical Psychology Registrar, currently providing therapy for Parents and Infants (0-3 years old), Young People aged 14 – 18 years and Adults (18+).

I have a particular interest in perinatal and infant mental health, supporting families before, during and after pregnancy. Perhaps you would like some additional support while you plan for your family or are preparing for the birth of your baby. You may want a space to adjust to your new role as a parent, and the physical and emotional changes involved; within yourself, you and your partner or family, as well as between you and your baby. You may be struggling with deeper emotional difficulties such as feeling sad, anxious or disconnected after the birth of your baby; or suffering grief and loss around your family, when things haven’t gone to plan.

For young people and young adults, I can work with you to explore the parts of life that are most difficult right now. You might be feeling lonely or misunderstood by friends, family or even yourself. You might be struggling to focus at school or work, or get to sleep at night. It might be feeling really hard to know how to manage new problems, or maybe new responsibilities like work and relationships feel scary and outside your control. Perhaps this leaves you feeling sad, worried or trying to manage these problems by yourself.

As an adult you may want support or treatment around a specific mental health concern, or a difficult transition in your life such as changing work roles, relationships, or a loss. This could mean your ways of being in the world and in relationships are causing you to feel upset or nervous, or you want to find different ways of coping with stress. You may also be wanting to understand how an earlier experience in your life is affecting you now.

I use different therapies in my work with clients, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and attachment-focussed psychotherapy. However, in working with you, an important part of therapy is feeling safe and understood. This collaborative approach ensures that you are an active voice in deciding what you would most like to address in your therapy.