Kate Maassen

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist

I work with clients who are children and adolescents.  I am experienced with working within the family unit as well as assisting parents with the trials of parenting.

I work a lot with kids and young people who experience sweaty palms, dread the thought of going to school or getting out of bed.  If you’re someone who feels as though you’ve withdrawn from your family or friends, I work with you!  If you’re someone who hates who they see when looking in the mirror or find yourself feeling like you just don’t fit in anywhere, I work with you.  Do you use drugs or alcohol or hurt yourself to help you cope?  Are you in a funk? Have you lost a loved one (whether through death or separation?). Do you struggle with friends at school, or Mum and Dad or feel as though you can’t trust others with the real you?  Have you googled how you’re feeling and google says you have: Anxiety, depression, family separation, trauma, behavioural issues at home or school, parenting challenges, grief, life transitions, emotional dysregulation, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, drug and alcohol issues.

You will usually find me covered in glitter or slime and with a puppet on one hand. My therapeutic style is warm and fun and I create a space where you can feel understood, accepted and empowered. I draw from a number of treatment modalities including Play therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  (If you’re like ummm…what does that mean, just give us a call and I can help explain those modalities)!

I work with clients who have found that life can get hard, like really hard. My aim is to act as your cheerleader, the person in the corner of the boxing ring mopping your brow, having your back. To tackle together the challenges life has thrown at you, together with adding to your toolbox of coping skills, mindfulness and positive experiences.

Kate Maassen