Caris Horton

Do you want a safe and relaxed space to talk freely? Do you need some help to manage emotions and make some positive life changes? Together, we can identify your therapy goals and work out the steps we can take towards achieving personal growth.

I have experience working with clients of all ages – children, teens and adults. I enjoy working with neurodiverse clients (autism and ADHD), as well as with presentations of anxiety, depression and interpersonal problems. Play therapy is the primary way I work with children given that this is the most natural way for them to express and make sense of their world (and their challenges). I’ve found CBT (Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy), and Solutions-Focused Therapy has helped my adolescent and adult clients work through some of their toughest challenges.

Myself and my clients have found that humour brings life, light and hope into the therapy room, as it helps to balance the heaviness of life’s challenges. As such, as much as there might be tears there will also be laughter while we work together. Creating an open and comfortable environment where you gain a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing is also important to me. Making meaning of our lives is part and parcel of being human and is a critical starting point in your therapeutic journey as this enables us to then work out, ‘where to from here’ and ‘how to get there’. I am passionate about helping my clients feel empowered to tackle what may be holding them back. My hope is that I can help you to be kind to yourself while ensuring you feel heard. If you’re considering therapy and my profile resonates with you, then I look forward to meeting you soon!