Clinical Psychologist

My main interest is working with women and their families as they negotiate the challenges of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.  I also enjoy working with people going through big life transitions who are struggling to adjust to changes in their lives. 

For a lot of people, the journey to becoming parents is not an easy one. You may be questioning whether you even want to become a parent or be worried about how your upbringing or life circumstances will impact your parenting. Perhaps you have experienced difficulties in your journey such as infertility, IVF, miscarriage or stillbirth. Maybe your pregnancy or birth wasn’t what you hoped it would be, your baby needed a NICU / SCN stay, or your body has changed in a way you didn’t expect? Maybe because of this or other reasons it’s been hard bonding with your baby, your relationship has changed significantly, or you aren’t quite sure who you are anymore? You may be struggling with your mood and feeling far more angry, irritable or sad than you usually do. Or maybe it’s your thoughts that are scaring you. Perhaps your child is older now; it feels like overnight they have reached starting school age or become a teenager and its been difficult adjusting to their new life stage and figuring out how to parent them. I am experienced working with a range of families, including single mothers by choice, sole parents, same-sex parents and parents of multiples (as a mum of twins, I understand the difficulties that come with multiple birth babies and I can provide the insight you’re seeking). Whatever the issue is… if it’s related to pregnancy, birth or being a parent I work with you!

My therapeutic style is gentle, warm and kind. I draw mainly from the modalities of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Schema Therapy and Attachment Theory. My aim is to create a safe space free from judgement where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable, explore and process your experiences. I am respectful of everyone’s individual journey and their need to go at their own pace. My hope is that through our sessions I can assist you to heal and find courage and confidence while working towards long-lasting meaningful change. That doesn’t mean it’s all candles and soft lighting, I am flexible with my therapy approaches and can be direct if that’s what works for you and I will happily bring humour into sessions when you need it most.