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Perth Psychology Collective is home to the leading education assessment psychologists in Perth. Professional IQ assessments are usually conducted for children in order to identify learning difficulties. These assessments help parents and educators understand the child’s academic capacity and unique learning profile, therefore being able to cater better to the child’s needs.

By assessing areas of mental functioning relating to problem solving, attention and memory, our psychologists are able to offer a complete profile of your child. This can help parents make a more informed decision on choosing an optimal learning environment for their child, and help educators properly accommodate the child.

If your child is displaying some of the below behaviours, they may benefit from an intellectual assessment:

  • Seems bored at school
  • Academic results not improving despite assistance and effort
  • Slow reading ability
  • Difficulty with numbers
  • Struggling to articulate thoughts
  • Stress, anxiety or misbehaving at school

Services offered by the intellectual assessment psychologists at Perth Psychology Collective

The psychologists at Perth Psychology Collective take a compassionate approach to our IQ assessments, ensuring your child feels safe and comfortable. Every assessment is completely tailored to the individual, addressing the specific concerns that the parents and educators have. Assessments are also carried out in an age-appropriate manner, with our psychologists then transparently communicating the results to the child if they are of a suitable age.

We also help you understand the findings of the educational assessment and provide recommendations to assist parents, educators and other specialists in supporting the child. This will lead to better educational outcomes as well as improve your child’s self-confidence and reduce their stress.

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By having an educational assessment conducted at Perth Psychology Collective, you can:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your child’s needs
  • Determine if your child is reaching their potential
  • Diagnose specific learning problems, in conjunction with other assessments
  • Develop methods of intervention and support for your child
  • Minimise other issues that may arise from learning difficulties, such as anxiety, stress and depression.

In addition to intellectual assessment psychologists, Perth Psychology Collective is also home to forensic, positive and clinical psychologists, as well as yoga therapists. No matter your life stage or situation, we can equip you with the skills necessary to face challenges. Contact Perth Psychology Collective to enquire about our services or book an appointment.

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