Your Trusted Criminal Injury Psychologists in Perth

If you have been the victim of a crime, it is possible that you are also dealing with mental, physical and emotional trauma. As leading criminal injury psychologists, Perth Psychology Collective can assist you with your mental and emotional healing, as well as provide evidence and support in court.

Whether you are dealing with the daunting process of testifying in court as a witness, or need assistance in recovering from a traumatic crime, Perth Psychology Collective can help. If you think our services may be able to assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

How our criminal injury psychologists at Perth Psychology Collective may be able to help

Counselling provides a safe space for victims of crime to express their feelings instead of bottling it all up. Our psychologists will help you navigate through your emotions and start to mentally recover from the criminal injury you have suffered from. Counselling and therapy are confidential, and your psychologist will clearly outline the boundaries of this confidentiality to you.

We are able to assist those who have:

  • been injured in a violent attack
  • experienced a physical assault or robbery
  • experienced family or domestic violence
  • experienced sexual assault
  • had a loved one be injured or killed as the result of a crime
  • witnessed a crime

Our counselling services can help you work through the emotional and psychological impact of crime, deal with your fears and anxieties, write a Victim Impact Statement, and deal with the pressures of appearing at court.

To speak to the criminal injury psychologists at Perth Psychology Collective, call us at (08) 9272 4012.

Services offered by Perth Psychology Collective

Perth Psychology Collective offer a variety of different approaches to therapy and modes of psychology including forensic psychology, positive psychology, mental health yoga, and counselling. Whether you’re new to counselling or know exactly which service you’ll benefit from the most, Perth Psychology Collective is here for you.

Our core values are connection, purpose, compassion, self-awareness, realness and generosity. Our clinic is a completely safe space in which you can explore any challenges you are facing and connect with your best self. From self-growth to guidance through a traumatic event, our psychologists will take a tailored approach to assist you. With decades of combined experience, you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands at Perth Psychology Collective.