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When we talk about getting better at a skill the most common pieces of advice are often to attend workshops, learn from those who have more experience, and practice as much as we can. If we wanted to become physically stronger, most of us understand that a certain level of effort, time and discipline needs to be used to get there (think meal prep, equipment, workout plans, personal training, learning about our body, etc.). So, why is it that when it comes to our mental wellbeing there is this belief that we should inherently know what to do?

These past few years have seen a significant increase in mental health awareness, which has been fantastic to see, and we can only hope this awareness and understanding continues to grow – This includes understanding just how much work needs to go into improving our mental wellbeing. This is not a snap-of-the-fingers process (we wish!), there is no “magic cure” or special breathing exercise that will suddenly flip your mental state around. It’s about learning about yourself and what you can do to help move into the version of yourself you’d like to be.

These workshops have been specifically designed by PPC practitioners to assist in teaching effective coping skills to deal with all the crap that comes with being a human in 2021. These skills and techniques are often covered in one-on-one therapy sessions, so if you are looking to continue on with individual therapy you will likely utilise and build upon these foundations. If individual therapy is not currently right for you, these skills are still incredibly valuable for everyone who is interested in improving their ability to cope with difficult emotions and continuing to grow as an individual.

More specific details about the workshops are listed below. If you are interested in attending please complete the webform at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch to confirm your attendance.

Dates & Times

One topic will be covered each week for the duration of six weeks.

The same workshop will be run twice every week (one in the AM and one in the PM) to give more opportunity for people to attend (You only need to attend one session each week!).

These are the days/times for this block, starting on Tuesday the 12th October:

Tuesday 10:00am – 11:00am

Friday 05:00pm – 06:00pm


Each session is $30, and is capped at 10 participants. Please note that this is not Medicare rebatable. 


There are six workshops in the upcoming block which focus on a range of topics, including anxiety education and management skills, how to work towards your goals effectively, strategies to communicate clearly and living by your values.

To get the most out of these sessions we strongly recommend that you attend all the workshops within the block. 

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