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Archive for June 2018

Becoming a Dad

Ok guys, not to rain on the parade of motherhood, but DADS ARE IMPORTANT TOO. And the reality is that somewhere along the way in the Baby-Journey, Dads tend to get overlooked. So much of the attention, focus, concern, and support is directed towards Mum and bub (and rightly so – they need it!)…but Dads…

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When Baby Makes Three

Not many life events have the potential to create as much joy than the birth of a child. However, jumping from a twosome where you had the space and luxury of meeting your own and partner’s needs, to having an infant who is completely dependent on you, is challenging.  Maintaining a healthy relationship requires time…

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Trauma-Focused Therapy

Trauma Focused Therapies Trauma Focused Therapies refer to a range of psychological models of treatment to help those who are experiencing trauma symptoms in response to a traumatic event. Trauma experienced by military or emergency services personnel, sexual and/or physical assault victims, those in motor vehicle accidents and mothers and fathers who are traumatised by…

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Birth Trauma

Most of us approach giving birth with a degree of trepidation but ultimately a belief that all will be fine. And for the large portion of us, childbirth IS fine. Sometimes we’re disappointed because we didn’t have the birth experience we’d hoped for. Sometimes we experience childbirth as more difficult than we’d expected, even when…

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